Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fancy Cottage Chicken Coop

This custom chicken coop was  fun to build.  The customer wanted a chicken coop that looked really nice, like a kid's playhouse. 
Fancy Cottage Chicken Coop
 They wanted something their neighbors would not complain about.  Chicken coops are notorious for looking run-down and dirty, aren't they?  So we decided to build one that dispells the myth that chicken coops have to look grungy.  We patterned it after our Cottage Playhouse: 
Cottage Playhouse

Chicken Run

Chicken Door

Our Fancy Cottage Chicken Coop turned out down right classy!  I love the wood shake shingles on the roof and the hand carved trim around the door and windows.  It has a cement floor which can be easily cleaned and a cute little door for the chickens leading out to the enclosed welded wire mesh chicken run.  Check this out:  We even buried the wire mesh 18" underground, curved outwards.  Why?  To surprise any enterprising dogs who try to dig under the coop...Ha!  I'd love to see the looks on their faces when they hit that chicken wire! 

Decorative Carvings

Shuttered Window

On the side there is a large window with a shutter that has decorative carvings on it.  Inside there is a wire screen covering the window which can also be lifted out of the way if needed. 

Cupboard, Roost, Happy Chickens

Nesting Box, Chicken Feeder

And of course we built nesting boxes (the top lifts up!), a sturdy chicken roost, a chicken feeder and a large cupboard on the inside.


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  2. Building a shed is a tough job but identifying the location of shed is more tough is particular cases, because some time the shed beauty is compromised by some tree or building of the house.

  3. That is one of the most adorable chicken coop my eyes had laid on for sure. Too cute in fact i want to keep it as playhouse :). ~